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So true. Secrets - (Smallville!Oliver Queen x Reader) After visiting Metropolis to see Ollie and handle some business meetings, things go wrong. It was a casual evening. You loved her a lot, and she loved you, but neither of you were willing to sacrifice your beliefs just to be on the same side. Marvel’s The Avengers After watching countless of times the trailers for this highly anticipated movie, Marvel's The Avengers is here! In a matter of weeks, we would get to catch all our favourite super heroes dish out some awesome moves on the big screen. Request: Could I request a Zach Mitchell x reader? Where Owen is the reader’s legal guardian, she was the kid of his best friend from the navy but when he died she was left alone with no other family. What happens next is truly a miracle. “That was me trying to save your life, flyboy,” you roll your eyes. You were the one whom even a god of mischief could see was righteous and good. “Nobody can define you except you. As you dig through the rubble to find their bodies, tempers flare at the slightest touch, including yours and Peter’s. drop me a request of whatever you want - I'll do anything from NSFW smut to abuse to lovey dovey ^_^ (I'm known for my Subspace pieces!) Imagine comforting Bruce when he’s having a bad day. I know you never gonna be critical of this shytbut you gotta admit they botched this scene. oneshotcollection, wandamaximoff, ironman It was just supposed to be a normal mission; in and out. Pairing: Marvel x Reader Summary: You sacrificed yourself for the others. ” Theo smirks, gripping your hand tighter. “Didn’t I tell you before? I’d die for you. By the time you came and stood in the lobby of the Avengers compound telling them you needed to speak to one of the Avengers, you could create new life from a few cells. Bucky was wrong. Yet unaware of this, you still try your hardest to haul yourself out of the heavy, heavy snow. Aug 18, 2018 · Even the greatest villains eventually get defeated. Universe: Marvel, Avengers and the reader (male or gender neutral please xo) sacrifices himself to save the You had joined the team not long after New York, showing great strength,  25 May 2019 Could you do a peter x reader where she is tony's daughter and an avenger? imagine where the reader is starks daughter but also an avenger and is You practically flung yourself onto him, wrapping your arms around his  27 Apr 2018 Pairing: Peter Quill (Star-Lord) x reader Instead of Gamora dying, you sacrificed yourself. Fake Steve looked at you with tenderness in his eyes, and for a moment your forgot this wasn’t real and you had to stop yourself from jumping into his arms and kissing him fiercely. ” You grabbed his face and tugged him down for a kiss. You’re taking this so seriously. “I won’t let you sacrifice. “It’s time we both know exactly where we stand” was the last thing he said to you before your mind permanently returned to reality. He cups your cheek softly. Only to be proven wrong in so many ways and a glimpse of light shines through… for the both of you maybe? To say that your whole world was enveloped in darkness, pain and destruction wouldn’t be a metaphor at all. Request(s): “Sorry to annoy you, but could you write one where the reader is sick?Thank you!” & “Hello! Could I request a platonic fic where reader is sick and the Avengers are freakin You the reader was taken away from home at age 12 by evil men that you believed only wanted you for your mutation,you could control the elements (But they didn't know that ). The Truth (Quentin Beck x Stark!Fem!Reader) FAR FROM HOME SPOILERS AHEAD [[MORE]]Summary: You never thought that you would fall for the mysterious stranger from another world, and perhaps it would In order to really talk about the movie, I have to get into the details. Everyone in the team was at the table in the penthouse, spread across the couches. Sacrifice Steve Rogers x Stark!Reader Requested?: Yes! Thank you, anon <33 Read the request -> HERE •Warnings: Endgame angst + more angst ;-; oh and swearing •Summary: A sacrifice had to be made, but the avengers didn’t realise sacrifice meant losing someone so close to them. A simple statement leading to things you could not have imagined! You: *grumpy* I hate people who can go to sleep as soon as they close their eyes. “Circumstances like this sometimes require that you align yourself with people you’d normally consider enemies. Faces of Marvel. Tiny Lady (Loki x Baby! Tom Hiddleson as Loki. You’ve helped him during his recovery. You thought he would understand why you did it and instead you got yourself suspended. I know we can be happy together if you give us a chance, however; that same chance must be given to Loki as well. You are a tongue-tied shy girl who has a big crush. But when (Name) is forced into the past and into his younger body, he’s suddenly given the chance to start over and prevent the future from happening again. Song: In the Dark by Camila Cabello. “Y/N!” Avengers x male!reader Worthy. Request: Thank you Anon! Hope this is what you were thinking of! “Hi! Would you consider doing #50 with a mix of all the avengers? Maybe especially Bucky?” Prompt: 50. Bucky x Reader Series. “I had to,” he answers, playing into the role. You were brave and smart, there's no denying that, no matter how twisted you became. GIPHY is how you search, share, discover, and create GIFs. “He trusts you more than anyone,” Allison said, looking to Dr. This wasn’t the first time he’d been kind, and if history were to repeat, then his bad side would come back with a vengeance soon… Because, really, what was he? “-And then you almost sacrifice yourself back there. A Simon x reader where the reader kinda pampers and spoils him cause I still feel Bound To Sacrifice - Thor Odinson; Originally posted by thehumming6ird. Jealousy- You’re dared to go skinny dipping with Steve and Bucky gets jealous. His words made you stare at the images more intensely. Looking at your face, it’s almost difficult for him not to laugh. “You’re not part of the Avengers, you won’t understand and besides, it wouldn’t affect you,” Tony said and you scoffed. 8 Jun 2015 Request by: ambharvs *Unedited* Steve Rogers/Captain America: You You felt the blood flowing in a steady pace out of your body even the dark elves poisoned you, two months since you sacrificed yourself for Thor. imagines, funny, pietro. +. A/N: Since Endgame is out for one month now,  19 Mar 2016 Avengers/Reader, she sacrifices herself for them, they try to save her but she knows she's going to die. Word count: 379. Set in post-civil-war. Summary: You only thought Ransom was an asshole, wait until you meet his family. Till Death Do Us Part (Newt x Reader) Requested by anon: Hey!Could you write an imagine where Newt and the reader are in the middle of the battle and one of the bad guys throws a spell at Newt but he doesn’t notice so the reader covers Newt by hugging him and whispering that she loves him (they’re in a relationship). 10 XP - When you either betray a teammate in a critical moment or sacrifice yourself for the mission. Apr 12, 2019 · What the Avengers hadn’t known about you, that you had more than one power. You were wrong. In the current time you were sitting in a wheelchair, waiting for the others to get back from a mission. Only downside is the healing process hurts 2x as much as the original injury) Where during a battle, Loki loses an arm and Reader feels You knew they wouldn’t believe you. ) meeting an older Morgan in Soul World. 0 GPA, since he got a C on a Prompt: You sacrifice yourself in order to save Steve, as you wish to protect him from harm whilst on a mission with him. , LatinAutor, UNIAO BRASILEIRA DE EDITORAS DE MUSICA - UBEM, UMPG Publishing, LatinAutor - UMPG Apr 09, 2017 · Licensed to YouTube by UMG (on behalf of Kid Ina Korner / Interscope); BMI - Broadcast Music Inc. You throw the door open, causing it to crash against the inside wall. See more ideas about Marvel, Marvel cinematic and Avengers. “Alright, Rogers. ” 7 Dec 2019 - Explore kyliealvey's board "Marvel ️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️ ️", which is followed by 4452 people on Pinterest. You were seated between Clint and Thor. pairing: steve x reader (she/her) summary: “Maybe you should stop blaming me and look at yourself instead. ” “I’m not so sure that he is. , LatinAutor, UNIAO BRASILEIRA DE EDITORAS DE MUSICA - UBEM, UMPG Publishing, LatinAutor - UMPG One last battle to decide the fate of the universe, and you are there to make the final sacrifice. NSFW 18+ only! Into the Hush: It’s only ever been you and the rugged wilderness; both unkempt and undomesticated. Deaton. 11 Mar 2018 Characters: Avengers X Male!Reader. This issue is really powerful because Rogue–in a moment of sacrifice–earns both of those with Wolverine. Marvel: Avengers Alliance Wiki is a indeed it's your fault, being kind to the enemy is being cruel to yourself, and even if you are too kind you can sacrifice yourself, but if you drag your whole family with you, it means you failed as a parent and partner, they hit them to deaths door, make them work till they faint, starve them for so long, humiliate them on top of that, and that old creep even stated out loud that she gonna sell them 😱 all this and you stay silent? what's the point in staying alive, if all you do is live You hadn’t meant to almost sacrifice yourself for him, but he’d been about to make a decision that could have cost him his life, and you weren’t about to let the Resistance’s best pilot do that. You wanted to sit there and let yourself perish alone, just die of starvation. As it is, neither wants to admit it and because of the inconvenient lack of talking, they hurt each other without noticing. You made sure to remember to tell your boss to consider them for the next paycheck. “You know I won’t. You searched around the bathroom for peepholes and when you were sure there was no way he could be watching you on the other side of the wall, you turned on the water and stripped off your clothes. Your perspective had widened and the only thing that was necessary was for Jean to make it to the next election. To now, having to witness the life drain out of your eyes as you made the ultimate hero sacrifice. “Thank you, Y/n. Typically you would try to be better with what you put into your body, but this week you just did not care at all. The Avengers have been back together for a while now, you return to the compound after Tony asks for your help on a mission. Jul 16, 2018 · Before you lose Loki to the hands of Thanos you make the ultimate sacrifice, even if you think he doesn’t feel the same as you. you could feel yourself come closer and closer to the edge. Avengers actors compared to their characters See more Avengers Pictures Avengers Infinity War The Avengers Avengers Poster Marvel Avengers Comics Avengers Quotes Films Marvel Marvel Dc Captain Marvel Marvel Studios has finally released the first Avengers 4 trailer, and it's just as awesome as we were all hoping for. You have not been able to talk with the others in a very long time, So that made them all worried; But Nick told them not be worried and keep going with their job, But that Love is Sacrifice - Loki x Reader Warnings: Infinity War Spoilers! you thought to yourself. Daredevil dare devil reader insert captain america x reader tony stark x reader reader x thor natasha romanoff x reader t'challa x reader black widow x reader black panther x reader Avengers avengers x reader purge au purge au pietro maximoff pietro maximoff x reader violence carol danvers Carol danvers x reader Captain Marvel x reader Pairing: Peter Quill (Star-Lord) x reader. “You say it yourself all the time; you miss him more than you can take sometimes. Avengers x Reader. Jun 10, 2019 · “You can rest now” Avengers The Avengers Avengers assemble avengers fanfic avengers imagines avengers endgame endgame tony stark tony x pepper tony stark x reader Robert Downey Jr rdj x reader steve x reader bucky barnes x reader guardians of the galaxy spiderman captain america Iron Man Avengers infinity war steve rogers x reader peter Originally posted by captainsamerica. It helped you to forget the pain of Natasha’s absence, to forget the emptiness she had left in your heart. You even took his insecurities and made them his “Don’t lie to me please. Steve was wrong too. Summary: You’re the daughter of Tony Stark, and after meeting the Avengers for the first time, you begin to fall for the one who your father despises most…Bucky Barnes. Gifs are not mine; Steve Rogers: Well, Steve is such a gentleman and rarely loses his temper, but whenever a guy flirts, or basically talks to you he can’t help being furiously jealous. "you were so much more than that. Bucky Barnes x Reader, Steve Rogers x Reader, in later chapters Sam Wilson x Reader, Natasha Romanov x Reader, Wanda Maximoff x Reader. “You know what was at stake. BUCKY BARNES x READER x STEVE ROGERS “Make Her Happy” Warning: Angst, one make-out session. Read Valentine's Day (Mini-series) [Pietro] from the story Marvel/Avengers One-Shots! Discover & share this Thor GIF with everyone you know. Pairing: Avengers x Male!Reader (romantically: undecided) Plot: Dr. ” Dr. How about Poe and reader dancing to some music, laughing and having a good time after a high stress mission. You said it yourself. “You know I think you’re a bad ass. In what will come as a shocking surprise to those of you who have assumed that I was always this macho, I was a late bloomer. ALL of our phone covers are printed using a process called Sublimation. Peter, after Infinity War, being dusted then returning back to fight a huge alien army and going through stress of Tony’s death, and into Far From Home: Fuck off Fury. Instead of addressing your feelings – instead of talking everything through with your lover – you were hiding away in your room, missing out on your favorite night of the month. ” Bruce Banner: Bruce may be like the nerdiest guy you’ve ever met but that man knew how to cuddle. He loved to cuddle. She knew me. You can do it whenever you have the time or Fandom: Marvel. She gasps and pulls away. You were the mom of the group for sure. “Don’t you say that, Clint! Nat knew what she was doing. ) @queenylime - Tony’s Daughter!reader who’s from a previous relationship and a member of the Avengers. you could feel the gods watching as he slid himself in and out of you, over and over, your name sounding like the most perfect sin. Red Skull: a soul for a soul, to get the soul stone you must sacrifice someone you could you write an avengers endgame imagine where the reader is Natasha's and instead of her dying for the soul stone, reader sacrifices herself instead. It took you a few attempts but you managed to grab it in between your toes. . It’s how you see yourself. You brought the avengers together, you told everyone that they should look out for each other in spite of all that they do. Pairings: Avengers x reader Author notes: It’s my first time writing preferences, sorry if this sucks. imagine Tony making such a sacrifice. Or before he left. Guys Clint's face is exactly the same, he just has glasses on in he Avengers pic. You had tried all the tricks in the book to lull yourself to sleep, but it was just not working for you at all. He would play it down, but be really thankful later, when you visit him to talk a bit. Nat literally pushed herself away from Clint. A/N - I don’t know where this came from, but it may be the softest and fluffiest thing Battle ground? You bet your ass you’ll be forced to wait in his tent as he’s waging bloody war, coming back to you dripping in enemy blood as he lays the days frustrations onto your soft body. Whether or not Thanos will be beaten Somehow you still smelled exactly like he remembered. Couldn't you have thought about yourself, your safety, for once? 6 Oct 2015 Prompt: You sacrifice yourself in order to save Steve, as you wish to protect him Pairing: Steve x Reader Such as becoming an Avenger. Days Away | Poe Dameron. 1 May 2019 And he deserved it, he deserved to live a life without sacrifice. Unlike a few others, you had decided to stay at the Avengers headquarters, which now was almost You mentally reprimand yourself, you'd promised not to cry. Really, it's not worth killing yourself simply so you can float around giving obvious advice as a space ghost. Now, we don’t need to get into how late in life I achieved milestones that most enterprising young lads hit by the time they’re 15 or 16, but I will note that I did not drink until I was 22, and that I didn’t actually start imbibing until after graduation. you would sacrifice yourself for him. Grabbing your duffel bag you throw in some clothes, your toiletries from the bathroom and your weapons. However, he fails to get to you on time. Nat and Clint were playing who can jump off the cliff first. That's what you thought, anyway. You find yourself melting into the kiss. It’s what Peter and Tony would have wanted. but Quill likes Gamora and Gamora likes Quill. Fandom:Marvel. You don’t have to have read that one to read this one though. Loki x Reader - Give Me Love Ch18 “Give me Love” – Loki x Reader Chapter 18 *** There was still something in the back of your mind that told you to stayalert. Once the spark is ignited between the two of you, there’s no extinguishing it. [Pietro Maximoff x Reader] 「1/2」 «You didn't see that coming?» Everything had happened so fast, she could not really remember how they all had ended up there – but the longer she fought to her last strength, shielded the other Avengers with her power until; two unlikely people showed up. So you found yourself leaning against your headboard, staring blankly at the television. Even though you knew your parents would have extreme difficulty finding you, it was a constant fear of your’s that you’ll wake up one day to find them standing above you ready to tie up May 11, 2019 · Request: How about the avengers x reader (platonic or you pick the Avenger) where they find out that with his large family- he was often forgotten? And he only got attention when his grades in school was good? So the reader goes to university and then freaks out because he isn’t ‘good’ enough pulling a near 4. Avengers Cast only thing different about Thor is longer hair. I know your fate, but you must figure this out yourself. After Tony finds you and shows Fury your powers, you join the Famous group known as the avengers. Like her interacting with Morgan, her reacting to Nat’s death and of course her fathers Jun 15, 2019 · Characters: Tony Stark - Reader - Pepper Potts - Happy Hogan - Wanda Maximoff - Steve Rogers. You refused to even look at him while you leaned against the counter, but Tony was still there, waiting for you to start the conversation. Your lips touch hers and it feels so good to be with her again. she was one of the last avengers that he would imagine being sent to track him down. Popular!Peter Parker x Shy!Reader (Hurt) Summary: Peter went from being a nerd to one of the most popular kids in school by Junior year. After months of being MIA, you haven’t seen your team in a while and two certain super soldiers are who you’re dreading to see most. A/N: This was written for @captain-rogers-beard One Hit Wonder Challenge. Requested: 1. Words: 1671. Anytime you do or say anything idiotic, you have to put at least a dollar in it -more depending on how stupid Fandom: Marvel. You are his beloved, the reason why his heart beats aside from serving his people. You drag him to Starbucks and get him to taste all the seasonal drinks. Warnings:none. “No thanks to you Steve. Suddenly, you feel your fangs coming out and you accidentally bite her bottom lip. It was just a black market weapons auction, simple enough, until you get captured and find yourself as one of the weapons up for auction. 12 Nov 2018 Characters: Bucky Barnes x female reader You struggled to pull yourself back into your seat, your nails scraping along the metal floor, be going; she was, after all, an Avenger, and they were tasked with protecting you. Dec 27, 2019 · Friends In High Places (Heimdall x Reader) Warnings - Some Cursing, implied mortality. Pairing: Reader x Tony Featuring: Reader X Tony X Lots of other Avengers and other heroes Warnings: Mentions of death, swearing, fighting Notes: Happy ending Your Girl - (Arthur Curry // Aquaman x Reader) Just a short NSFW scene between You and Arthur Curry. When your homework was done, you usually went to the Avengers Tower, the only place you felt safe and wanted. They loved to joke about it, but you all knew that they’d function even less then they did now without you. Always. Strange said there was only one possibility of winning the battle against Thanos. She knew why she sacrificed herself. However, there’s no escaping confrontation when both Avengers want to pursue a relationship with you She’d be so proud of you Pairing - Natasha Romanoff x daughter!reader, Clint Barton x teen!reader Word count - 1,333 Warnings - mentions of death, violence A/N - This was a request sent in by an anon HEARTBREAK HOTEL - Bucky x Reader / Steve x Reader . Deaton said, eyeing Scott. Others give up on Marvel altogether. Super angsty please and THANK YOU! 25 Feb 2018 Sacrifice {Part 2} Title: Sacrifice {Part 2} Characters: Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes Sam Wilson, Bruce Banner, Brock Rumlow Pairing: Steve x Reader Read:. ” You whispered. “There’s no such thing as ghosts. Apr 18, 2019 · You can’t sacrifice yourself, it doesn’t work like that. Peter Parker x Reader (Who Hurt You?) Summary: Peter Parker admired you from afar but was always too afraid to ask you out. Fun layout, epic (for this game) boss battles, fighting Sentinels is always a thrill for me. Just snippets of her through the Film. It was around two in the morning, and your body was strung up on stress. Originally posted by onetreehil. Bucky needs help writing his novel. No worries bc i got to see it and i tried my best from what i remembered. poe dameron x reader. When you pulled back, there was a knowing spark in your eye Steve knew all too well. the only way out was to crash the plane and sacrifice himself in order to save millions. -> Tony Stark is a hero! You look at him with narrowed eyes as if he shouldn’t have asked. or the sacrifices that Jun 20, 2012 · Avengers Vs. Originally posted by marvelbandito. Request: Could you do a Thor x reader where the reader is a witch (or some sort of “entity” like that) and risks her life to push him out of the way while fighting someone and ends up getting stabbed in the chest and the only chance to save her is to bound her soul with another’s soul and he offers his and she May 28, 2016 · Summary/Request: Bucky reminds you that you look beautiful before you’re forced to go to Tony’s Gala. So if you haven’t see Avengers: Endgame yet, TURN BACK NOW! It’s always good to see a movie spoiler-free. “Tell him he’s wrong. Worst so far would have to be Wakanda. (“You could probably make this yourself, you know. " Kevin Galvez, Publishing Operations Coordinator Apr 26, 2019 · This post contains major spoilers for everything in Avengers: Endgame. You feel out of place in your dress. Pairing:Avengers x male!reader. You’d been standing under the hot water willing yourself to just relax already for five minutes when the shower curtain was pulled back. Read Shipping from the story Avengers Chat room X Reader With Loki by BloodyAngelJay with reads. “I know my child. Talk about the things that either didn't make sense to you or the things that you think Endgame done goofed and see if others can make it all make sense! Pairing: Bucky x reader. And you do. You are the man who sacrificed so much to make sure your best friend is out of his mind-controlled madness and you loved him beyond anything. Instead of Gamora dying, you sacrificed yourself. *Spoiler free: no movie connections whatsoever. Nothing big, but a leaf could be turned into a butterfly and while you felt tired after you did it, it didn’t need a long recovery time. Read Steve - Sacrifice from the story Avengers Imagines by avengersstan with 5668 reads. Your relationship starts off fairly innocent being as Peter was fairly shy around you, and not to mention that Tony had strictly forbid you two from Unfortunate (Rossi x reader) Summary: This is a one shot where the reader and David are really good friends but actually have feelings for each other. Don’t do this to me. You shrug. r. YOU ARE READING that Steve's the only one with the spare key, you feel yourself grinning and rushing to the door. The first time he sees you in lingerie - Male Avengers Headcanon. What’re You Thinking About? When Avengers: Endgame (2019) passed Titanic (1997)'s box office total, James Cameron sent a congratulatory message to Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios on dethroning his film - with a photo of the Avengers 'A' being the iceberg that sinks the Titanic. *not my images* Avengers A/U Bucky x mutant reader “Losin’ Control” Part 19 Summary: Working at Stark tower has let you meet some great people. May 28, 2019 · New Avengers: Endgame fan-art visualizes Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr. Tony didn’t want you running this assignment for Fury, but you never listen. May 03, 2019 · Joe and Anthony Russo, directors of Marvel's "Avengers: Endgame," reveal the most challenging things about concluding a franchise 11 years in the making, saying goodbye to the original Avengers Originally posted by i-alwayslikedstrangecharacters. Oct 07, 2017 · I can’t lose you, Y/N. You had to stretched your arm to free yourself, many attempts later Mar 25, 2016 · Avengers x Reader| Christmas Welcome You are part of the Avengers, And have been away for about 8 months, Taking care of your family and taking care of important business. It was messy, wet with tears and raw emotion, but everything Steve missed and more. Story takes place after Civil War, but the Avengers remain intact all of them reside in the Avengers Tower, but Tony still Peter Parker x Reader. Summary: A little Sinday Drabble. ” He murmured, his voice was thick with lust. Loki x Female reader Smut / Fluff. You are filling your father’s shoes and if he believed there was enough good in the world to sacrifice his life for it, you should be willing to do the same. Summary – You have a certain type - smart, charming, and handsome as sin. “Imagine you get dared to give Pietro a lap dance in one of the Avengers inner circle parties and you can clearly feel he likes it. As you handed yourself over to Hydra. Read [57] Sacrifice (ENDGAME SPOILERS) from the story MARVEL | Steve " Sounds like me after watching Game of Thrones," you joked mostly to yourself. Jan 09, 2020 · Mischief & Madness - Chapter 1 (Loki x Reader) A/N - This is basically an AU of Mischief, Meet Your Match. WC: 2500. Any chance he got he would envelop you in his arms and cuddle you to death. Bucky Barnes x Reader Series. Story takes place after Civil War, but the Avengers remain intact all of them reside in the Avengers Tower, but Tony still Pairing: Steve Rogers x Fem!Reader. Request: @maroonracoonlagoon said: Could you write a mini fic of Loki x Goddess!Reader where reader is the goddess of life and destruction (can destroy anything they please, but can also heal/repair anything. I took you for granted, look down on you and so did Asgard. The Avengers, including yourself, had agreed to help him (you a You pushed yourself up, to help feet yourself into a better position so that you could unlock yourself. Read Sacrifice (Avengers x reader) from the story Marvel one shots by Akiradrabbles (AkiraDrabbles) with 7,563 reads. Request: Can you please do an infinity war imagine in which you are another child of Thanos which he loved dearly. You press your palms into the ground beside you, and, immediately, thousands of chills begin to serge through your body as your limbs scream “No! ( @pollyyates24) Request: Hi, could you write an avengers endgame imagine where the reader is Natasha’s baby sister and instead of her dying for the soul stone, reader sacrifices herself instead. Really, you did know that. I feel a bit uncomfortable writing peter as a high schooler unless it’s specified that the reader is in high school as well so this is him in college!-Peter meets you during the syllabus reading for English 2A the first week of your MIT college year Agreed on Xavier Institute being best. You noticed a hair pin at the bed side table, stretching your leg, you reached for the hair pin. “Yeah, well, my parents told me there was no such thing as werewolves and would ya look who we have here. Undercover Part 2: I’ll Always Be by Your Side- You sacrifice yourself to the Hydra agents that want Bucky. She was already a hero, she was just finding out about it, whereas Thor as a prick with a fancy hammer that was his birthright before Odin stripped him of his power and sent him to mingle with the mortals. It’s not a big deal about being gay, trust me, I’m bisexual. Zach Mitchell x Female!Reader. You were tortured,testes,and alone for 9 years,till one day you heard a laugh coming from the other side of the curtain Idiot Jar- Avengers x Reader. ” You say under your breath when the hotel your prom was being held at comes into view, masses of Do it For You (Steve x Reader) That you had to learn to take care of yourself when he wasn’t around. You moved on - you thought it was a good decision. One day your boyfriend leaves you in tears and you quickly realize the quiet You felt that they shouldn’t give their freedom of choice to the panel as they don’t have the actual experience of going out on the field like the Avengers, and might make a wrong choice for them. Carol’s “sacrifice yourself for the humans” moment happened when she blew up the spaceship drive in her own face rather than letting it fall into the hands of the Kree. ” “Well, yeah, but… the aesthetic. Consider yourself warned. Bucky is just your friend…right? **** You hid away in Oct 17, 2019 · You knew drinking yourself to sleep wasn’t a solution, that it actually one of the worse thing you could do to yourself, but it helped. ”) Remember all those sweaters you got him? Yeah, you just steal them later. They could only do so much so they wanted you to know how to protect yourself if you were ever alone, it was tough but you were glad you were doing it. May 29, 2018 · He took the man, the God of mischief Himself, that meant the world to you, the one you loved more than your life. Instead, you kept quiet, keeping to yourself and your studies until you got home. You are an orphan cast out on the street. You are the bff of Quill and you like him. " WARNINGS: ANGST, LANGUAGE, CRYING, REQUEST: Hiiii, I saw that you were taking The Society requests and I was curious to know if I could submit a request for the reader being with Harry and finding out about Harry, Campbell and Lexie’s scheme with Allie and Will and being super conflicted. “And you!” Stucky x Reader Imagines/Oneshots ACTIVE - JANUARY 2020 I write any kind of Steve / Bucky oneshots/imagines. ” He had to stop for a moment, holding a sob and rubbing his hands over his face. 27 Apr 2019 This is not goodbye. ” You quickly retort, nudging yourself closer to him as you get closer to the building. ” You cross your arms Jun 19, 2018 · Shine On Us Again - Loki x Reader (One-Shot Request) Sorry this took so long to get written, every time I tried, I realized how much I haven’t accepted what happened in IW yet 😢But I hope you like And from that moment on, you make a promise to yourself and the world. 3 and a half months later You know that you should have gotten out when he told you to, but the mission would have been for nothing, the information most likely lost forever. ” “So we’re gonna trust him?” Isaac said in disbelief. Never. Here's a place to condense the conversation about real or perceived plotholes in Avengers: Endgame. The two of you reluctantly agree to help one another and it seems like the perfect trade-off, but even the best laid plans experience a few hiccups along the way. Summary: Bucky cheated - he thought it was a good idea. Thanos literally sacrificed the “daughter” he loved the most. That hero movie troupe has held true for every single film in the MCU, and Avengers 4 will be no different. They would all think you were lying to get attention, and the negative attention you were getting would get worse. This is basically just little stories of everyday life as a superhero living in Stark Tower. 29 Apr 2018 Love is Sacrifice - Loki x Reader Warnings: Infinity War Spoilers! You heard a footstep behind you and suddenly felt yourself being hoisted . Discovered by Find images and videos about Marvel, Avengers and captain america on We Heart It - the app to get lost in what you love. She knew that if you managed to get me and the others back, I would never be able to live comfortably in a world without you, and she knew that you’d have me to keep you sane after it was all over. Love… is sacrifice. needed to be a comic book reader to enjoy the Let Me Show You How It’s Done- Bucky catches you while you’re touching yourself, when he hears you moan his name he loses it. I mean he could but he was the leader of The Avengers No, I think all the MCU movies were designed with new audiences who haven't seen any previous movies in mind. You are not alone in voicing "my ideal Marvel friendship" but Marvel is not obliged to pander to each and every fan's wish. The character introductions, the dialogue and even the cheesy self sacrifice/ save yourself moments were great. You didn’t really get much sleep, since you had stayed working extra hours at home. avengers pic widescreen retina imac by Elmer Jacobson You are the man who sacrificed so much to make sure your best friend is out of his mind-controlled madness and you loved him beyond anything. Avengers Age Of Ultron Logo Iphone 5 Hard Case Cover Unique phone cases. Designed and printed in US. But you didn’t make that sacrifice as a hero, you made it as an older sibling and family member. The image you thought to be yourself had melted and shown the real monster behind you… it was Steve, he was the monster, not you. 6:30 in the morning and you are already up. *3 weeks prior* HYDRA was still after Bucky - trying to find him; alive or dead. 3 XP - When you either inflict stress or a complication on a teammate or help them recover from stress or a complication. Please thanks x Please don’t plagiarize my work! Word Count: 549. Pairing: Steve x Reader As you tagged along with your father in shield helicarrier. And Negan inviting the group to the wedding because he wants them to see you suffer but instead when the reader Apr 03, 2017 · You’re hoping for someone to help you because you’re too weak to even lift yourself. You were the type of girl who covered herself up in baggy t-shirts and jeans, who never wore dresses or showed your legs, who avoided close fitting outfits…because you worried about what people might Pairing: Ransom Drysdale x Fem!Reader. For years you’ve been in love with the only man you thought possessed all of those traits, but a chance encounter with a Strange individual sends you and a certain ex-assassin on a journey of self-discovery. Request: “Sherlock x reader with prompt #1 (but with just the first name) where the reader is friends and in love with Sherlock but they’re all sad because the name William is on their wrist [… (contains spoilers)] Do what you want with that, cause like, suspense. “Oh my god! I’m so sorry! I- I don’t know what- oh god I’m sorry!” 2 Aug 2017 Love and Sacrifice Avengers x Reader Summary: Reader is part of the had told him that you were alive, that your body had regenerated itself. Summary: You sacrificed yourself for the others. avengers, xchild, fanfiction. If you had to sacrifice yourself, to fall to Steve it didn’t matter any more. “I’ll always find you. Whilst your other power was much more useful for battle, your other one was much more personal. ” Originally posted by ottosclark. You pushed yourself, however, setting the configurations and bringing yourself right back to where you had left, clutching the stone in one hand and the ship in another. ” He finally said. You found yourself fighting some kid Tony had brought along for a few minutes, before you found yourself facing Nat. request; “Hi! I saw that you were asking for Star Wars prompts. Congrats on the milestone darling! My song was Friends and Lovers by Gloria Loring. Look at that wittle face! Loki x Reader - COMPLETED (Y/N) is a new Agent in SHIELD after they saved her from her nightmares. Apr 09, 2017 · Licensed to YouTube by UMG (on behalf of Kid Ina Korner / Interscope); BMI - Broadcast Music Inc. When I came out, it brought people together, everyone was supportive, I thought what you think. And then once you’ve seen it, come back and share your thoughts with me because I’m about to unleash some fury (and not the Nick kind). ” You continue, lips pursed in a solemn expression. They forced poison under your skin, and your veins started glowing with starlight They left bruises on your heart, and yet it still kept beating They dragged you into the darkness, and you came out shining ~ Shadows failing to kill the light // k. The moment you face the Titan, however, words are exchanged and you learn the truth about your beloved’s death and final words that change everything. Sacrifice (part 3) Summary: Y/N is the sister of Clint Barton. Avengers x male!reader Worthy. This was…it’s been some time since I really Aug 17, 2019 · You didn’t want to go back to your time. Warnings: a teeny bit of fleeting sadness, but mostly just a ton of sweet Bucky and lots of sappy fluff! Also, Bucky’s WWII uniform. You save Jul 26, 2018 · Promises (Simon x reader) Request: I’ll request one so you won’t have to worry so much and be sure to take your time. Word Count - 1,812 words. Unspecified gender reader | Platonic | Self-harm TW | Mental health help-xx-The Avengers have found out that you have an eating disorder and decided they’d all help you get healthier and happier Avengers x Sick!Reader. Thank you @hysteria87 and @sagechanoafterdark for supporting me with this annoyingly lovable asshole. Nov 17, 2017 · If you want to claim Obi-Wan's death allowed him to give Luke the message to use the Force when he fired at the Death Star's exhaust port, you know how else he could have told him that? Through a communicator. You had talked the three into playing a game based off of your favorite "You were not my equal, brother," Thor tells the sick man, voice cracking. She knew, Clint. ” Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Stark!Reader. “I’m starting and idiot jar. You take a step back and they move closer. Then you contradict yourself with that "exactly alike" assertion earlier. “I’m really glad you’re okay,” you finally sighed, detaching yourself from her. Warnings: angst, death. It started by a simple drink a few days after Natasha’s sacrifice, you had poured yourself a Sleeping In (Natasha x Reader) A/N: Hey guys!! So I wrote this kinda open, so you can imagine yourself as a guy or a girl and yeah…I’m sorry that it’s kinda short, I kinda didn’t really have an idea, Hurricane (Peter Parker x Reader) Peter Parker x Fem!Reader *Please don’t plagiarize my work, thank you :3* Summary: A battle against Thanos leaves your unconventional family even smaller and more divided than ever. imagine chris evans captain america x reader avengers avengers age Read Your first word from the story Avengers X Child Reader by Rintarou13 (Rintarou) with 5,178 reads. You added another finger and started to do a come hither motion, your fingers stroking your g spot. 1 XP - When you give your word to a teammate that you won't betray them. (Pietro x reader) Sacrifice Request: “Can you do a Pietro x reader please? Maybe they have an argument because Pietro doesn’t want the reader helping in the mission because he’s scared she’ll get hurt -x-The Avengers find out that you self-harm and one by one they all try to help you overcome this issue. I was blind to you and your talents all those years, to how poorly treated you felt. From today forward, you are the new Iron Man. He doesn’t get why they’re so darn expensive. Sitting on the couch in the entertainment room of the Avengers tower was Sam Wilson, Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, and yourself. Jun 11, 2016 · Don’t Hurt Her - Steve Rogers x Stark Reader Request: Imagine if the reader being Tony sister and late one night Tony and his sister are working on one of his suits and talking and Steve accidentally source: derry girls incorrect marvel quotes peter parker x reader peter parker imagine peter parker loki laufeyson x reader loki laufeyson imagine loki laufeyson loki x reader loki imagine loki tony stark x reader tony stark imagine tony stark natasha romanoff x reader natasha romanoff imagine natasha romanoff thor x reader thor imagine thor Sep 04, 2018 · Anonymous said: Can you do an Avengers x teen!reader where the reader blames herself for Pietro’s death even though she didn’t have anything to do with it. You are also the girlfriend of Bucky Barnes. Having said that, you will probably appreciate the movie more if you have seen the previous movies (as there are dozens of “key” characte -X-You knew you were being a coward. X-Men is really shaping up to be about "choice;" the choice to take responsibility for your actions, the choice to do what you think is right, and what happens when that choice is taken away for what seem like the right reasons. There were several times you’d go to sit on the couch and he would pull you into his arms cuddling you softly. This second power revolves around dreams, you were able to enter dreams and shift the whole dream sequence, you can make nightmares, take away people’s nightmares. Queen of the Roses {Loki X Reader} 4 DISCONTINUED ” Loki growls as he tries to untangle your curio. If you are lucky, I'll let you stick around for playtime. "The X-Men have always been about finding redemption and acceptance in a world that doesn’t want you. -He will be soft if you give him the opportunity. If he thinks you’re staying with him tonight he’s dead wrong. Summary: After Peter joined the Avengers, you were basically forced into spending a lot of time with him, being that your father is being that your father is the Tony Stark. Arthur Morgan x Reader “Dare” part II - first part under tag: DareSTNW (you can still read it separately, but I recommend reading it in order) Summary: Karen dares you to get Arthur’s attention and You want to sacrifice yourself for these meatlings? I love it. They’re pretty big on you, but that’s the point. Everyone needed to calm down, so the group gradually drifted away on their own to different parts of the Avengers facility, leaving you and Tony alone in the kitchen. Words: 1443. Nov 27, 2019 · Pairings: Tony Stark!Father x Reader, Morgan Stark!sister x Reader, Peter Parker x Reader. 16 Jul 2017 Mission gone wrong - s. you and steve are tasked to retrieve the soulstone together, but neither of you knows the horrors that await in vormir. everyone should give Tony credit for doing the impossible. Thank you so much Through the Window (Part 15) Part 14 Part 15 Part 16 TTW Masterlist for all other parts — “Ooooh man. It takes me 3 hours 700 position changes and a sacrifice to the gods!!! Loki: *looking up from his tea with a smirk* A Super Soldier Fantasy - (Bucky x Reader x Steve) Unsure of what to do after sharing moments with both Steve and Bucky, you decide the best thing to do is avoid them. However, it doesn’t matter who you like or what you do that defines you. I suppose I should explain what happened to you. You didn’t see yourself anymore, you saw a beast, a monster undeserving of chances and things that are pure… that’s how you see yourself. Aug 18, 2019 · At the end of Avengers: Endgame, why couldn’t Doctor Strange open a portal throw the gauntlet inside then focus on fighting Thanos without having the worry of him trying to retrieve the gauntlet and then after retrieve the gauntlet himself? Peter, in homecoming: I want to be in the big leagues, fighting more than just bank robberies. The Joe and Anthony Russo-directed flick wrapped up the MCU's The Infinity Saga which is the collective term used for all 22 films in franchise thus far. Warnings: None. You both stood across from each other, not moving for a second, unable to fight. ” “You’ve lost my father. Title: Are you scared? (Daughter of Tony! Reader x Peter Parker) Summary: Tony leads the group to a haunted house, insisting that it will be a great team building exercise. Tony licked his lips, his eyes focused on your hands, watching the way you pleased yourself. Summary – Your ex is bringing his new girlfriend to your parent’s Christmas party. I like him normal, but he is much better suited with dark hair. You must decide for yourself who will make you a better queen, a better warrior, and a better person altogether. For a moment you see something of your mother in the way Jean looks at you and the intense wrench of worry intensifies in your stomach. You would never let her sacrifice herself. Some accept it with resignation and move on to continue to read whatever titles they already read. “You look so good. requested: no pairing: steve rogers x reader, tony stark x reader (platonic!tony) summary: ENDGAME SPOILERS! you and steve live what is essentially the domestic life after the snap until the time heist is proposed. Who was I to make you wait? Originally posted by chrisheavans You grabbed Rey’s face in your hands, looking over the bruises and cuts that covered it. 19 Apr 2017 Worry about yourself!” You shout to him, bringing your attention back to the gunmen around you. Sequel to My Oh My & Trouble. you clenched several times around him when he sucked on your neck, your pulse pumping wildly under his lips. Elena looks at you and leans in to kiss you. Steve took a chance - he thought nothing could go wrong. Trying to help calm things down when Loki got in their minds. This wasn't Pairing: Marvel x Reader. anon: Could you write one we’re Reader saves Glenn in the line up but was dating Daryl… and how she saves Glenn is by Negan making her one of his wives. Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Stark!Reader. avengers x reader you sacrifice yourself

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